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Make It Happen in 2021!!!

3 WEEK CHALLENGE: 11 – 31 January 2021


2021 is going to be OUR year ladies!

I’m so excited to announce the 3 Week App challenge, kicking off on January 11th. Just what you need to get back on track. The challenge is all about being healthy, and getting back into an exercise routine.

Join me and women from the Linda Kriel Fitness community for 3 weeks of workouts, healthy eating, motivating each other, and celebrating victories all the way!

You can sign up for the challenge anytime during the 3 weeks. Signing up for the challenge doesn’t cost you a cent, but you have to have an active monthly or yearly app subscription.

The challenge is to do the exercise program on the app (or at least part of it) EVERY day for 21 days.

Let’s do this together!

Together we are stronger. 

Starting a new training program or a new healthy lifestyle is quite difficult when you’re all on your own. That’s why I’m so excited about this challenge; because we’re all going to be in this together.

The App Challenge is for any fitness level. The workouts cater for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. You’ll be challenging yourself to do the program everyday and to eat healthily for 3 weeks. Comment on the LK Fitness app closed Facebook group daily to motivate each other and to show that you’re still doing the challenge.  

If you need a kickstart for 2021, this challenge is for YOU!

I’ll be doing the 3 week challenge with you, and I’ll be there to SUPPORT you all the way! I’ll post often on the LK Fitness App closed Facebook group  to motivate you, and answer questions where possible. I encourage you all to post, comment and motivate each other in the group.

How to participate

  • Do the exercise program on the app every day.
  • If you haven’t already, join the LK Fitness Facebook closed group. Post or comment every day on the group.
  • Try your best to complete each day’s workout. If there are days when you are feeling very tired, or are pressed for time, just do one or two of the exercises. As long as you do something EVERY DAY.


  • Do the one day Detox plan on the app, the Sunday before the challenge starts, or on day 1. 
  • Follow one of the 3 eating plans on the app.
  • Make the Detox water, and keep it in the fridge to keep you hydrated and fuller for longer.
  • If you want to lose weight, weigh yourself once week.

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Are you Ready ?



xxx Linda Kriel



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  1. Hi Selma, die feit dat jy aangesluit het, gaan jou alreeds help om aan die oefen te kom en te bly!
    Die toep is ‘n ongelooflike hulpmiddel en Linda bly mos vol verrassings, juis om julle te help. Jy gaan dit baie geniet.
    Lekker aand! Groete René LK Fitness

  2. Ek het pas aangesluit so ek hoop rerig daars weer n 3 weke challenge oppad. Sal help om in roetine te kom

  3. Baie beslis in. Glo ons almal het dit nodig. Dankie dat jy ons so help om gesond en fiks te word. Waardeer.

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